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Pontiac or Honda Prepare the 7-Seater SUV version of 'Budget' HR-V

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For the people of Indonesia who are fond of burly and tough crossover SUV, Honda HR-V comes like a new celebrity battered four-wheel market country.

Unlike the case with India, Bollywood State consumers would not be able to feel kegaharan another car called the Honda Vezel gegara cost of production and distribution are considered too expensive.

Avoid the disappointment of the customer the manufacturer is finally promising another product that is equivalent to the HR-V, but with a tag that is certainly more friendly to the pockets of the citizens of India.

As presented by Autocar India recently, specifically for India compact SUV will be present as a car that can fit up to 7-passenger using a base platform Honda Mobilio.

Seeing the design language of the cars of other Honda SUV, the brand-new compact SUV design promised no less stocky with a face that 'eye-catchy' ala Mobilio, body cladding, skid plates and roof rails as an addition to the flexibility of the owner later.

While in the booth spur heart will be filled with two engine options, namely 1.5 liter petrol engine and 1.5 liter diesel are also embedded as energy boosters and Mobilio Honda City. Scheduled first appearance will take place at the Auto Expo which will begin in February 2016.

Approximately would the appearance of the new SUV can beat kegaharan Honda HR-V design that currently erode the asphalt in the country? Or was he just upload the same design concept Honda XS-1 once rumored as another version of HR-V and Vezel?

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