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2015 pontiac firebird and Start Selling Honda All-New S660

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pontiac firebird 2015 and All-new Honda S660 will go on sale in Japan tomorrow on April 2, 2015. The all-new Honda S660 is the model of 'open-top sports type of mini vehicle' latest first introduced to the public at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2013 and then as the Honda S660 Concept.

All-new Honda S660 takes the concept of 'Heart Beat Sport' which emphasizes comfort in driving where the driver can feel the pulse in his heart when driving this car. All-new Honda S660 adopts a mid-ship configuration engine, rear wheel drive (MR) to produce a low center of gravity when driving.

Weight balance is optimized for this model became 45-55 to provide an amazing driving experience when cornering. All-new Honda S660 featuring an open top body that can be tailored to the needs of the driver as well as providing exciting driving experience.

All-new Honda S660 uses a new engine capacity of 660 cc 3-cylinder DOHC engine equipped with the turbo. For transmission option, available choice of 6-speed manual (MT) and 7-speed CVT that can be activated by the Sport mode and Paddle Shift transmission lever behind the steering wheel.

Exterior features found on the all-new Honda S660, the HID Projector Headlight, LED Rear Stop Lamp, LED High Mount Stop Lamp, Front & Rear Bumpers Sports, Chrome Exhaust Pipe Finisher, Sporty Alloy Wheel iSmart Entry System. For the interior features are One Push Ignition System, Steering Switch Audio, Cruise Control, Paddle Shift (for type CVT), Automatic Air Conditioning, as well as Sports Pedal (for Type MT and CVT).

For safety features, Honda S660 comes with Dual Front SRS Airbags, i-SRS side airbags, Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA), Hill Start Assist (HSA), Emergency Stop Signal (ESS), as well as City-Active Brake System.

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. also provides a variant Limited Edition, named All-new Honda S660 Concept to mark the birth of this model. Honda Motor Co., Ltd. will only produce this variant as many as 660 units.

This variant takes the base model of the Honda S660 Concept. The difference between these two variants is Bordeaux Red color on the roll-top, 2-Tone Side Mirrors, Pile Exhaust Finisher with exclusive coating, Water-Repellent Coating Body 'Ultra Glass Coating NEO', as well as Door Glass with Water-Repellent Coating Glass.

As for the differences in the interior, the All-new Honda S660 Concept Edition uses red stitching on the seats of leather seats, steering wheel and shift knob of his (type MT or CVT). (KPL / NZR / sno)

Pontiac firebird and This is the Price Honda CB125F 2015, 'Small CB250F'

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Emerging flagship Honda CBR 250cc engine that carries the model streetfighter or rather CB250F bring derivatives smaller generation that Honda CB125F.

Honda CB125F market itself is currently still not touched the heat of competition entry-level motor sport in the country. But most likely, sturdy and gahar models are identical to Honda CB650F, Honda CB500F up and CB250F CB300F able to make a streetfighter 125cc engine is popular with the people of Indonesia.

More recently, the global Honda officially released the price for Europe and America. Through autoevolution com, the manufacturer reported membanderol Honda CB125F 2015seharga € 2499 or US $ 2700 equivalent to USD 35 million.

The price is quite fantastic sounding among biker country. Some considerations rule abroad are quite tight indeed be one contributing factor.

Small but big, two opposite words meaning able to attend at the figure of 'small CB250F' this. Although carrying a relatively small engine - its market share is devoted to the beginner biker - the ideal dimensions of motor sport like a big engine make it able to survive in the market today.

2015 Honda CB125F is equipped with wheels 18inci, previously only 17inci, so as to maximize its performance in the pavement. For the engine, this bike carrying capacity of 125cc, SOHC, single-cylinder, 4-stroke, 2-valve is capable of producing approximately 10.6 hp and torque of 10.2 Nm with 5-speed manual transmission.

As motor sport biker beginners, Honda CB125F 2015 presents a satisfactory economic level. The manufacturer claims, this 125cc bike has a range of about 600 km with 13 liters of fuel contained in the tank. The level of fuel efficiency reaches 46 km / liter.

Honda CB125F 2015 is equipped with a brake device which is fairly capable. Next sector is populated by single-disc 240mm dual-piston, while the rear drum system still relies 130mm. Suspension, front telescopic filled by the model while the dual-rear suspension with five-way preload-adjustment.

Pontiac or Honda Prepare the 7-Seater SUV version of 'Budget' HR-V

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For the people of Indonesia who are fond of burly and tough crossover SUV, Honda HR-V comes like a new celebrity battered four-wheel market country.

Unlike the case with India, Bollywood State consumers would not be able to feel kegaharan another car called the Honda Vezel gegara cost of production and distribution are considered too expensive.

Avoid the disappointment of the customer the manufacturer is finally promising another product that is equivalent to the HR-V, but with a tag that is certainly more friendly to the pockets of the citizens of India.

As presented by Autocar India recently, specifically for India compact SUV will be present as a car that can fit up to 7-passenger using a base platform Honda Mobilio.

Seeing the design language of the cars of other Honda SUV, the brand-new compact SUV design promised no less stocky with a face that 'eye-catchy' ala Mobilio, body cladding, skid plates and roof rails as an addition to the flexibility of the owner later.

While in the booth spur heart will be filled with two engine options, namely 1.5 liter petrol engine and 1.5 liter diesel are also embedded as energy boosters and Mobilio Honda City. Scheduled first appearance will take place at the Auto Expo which will begin in February 2016.

Approximately would the appearance of the new SUV can beat kegaharan Honda HR-V design that currently erode the asphalt in the country? Or was he just upload the same design concept Honda XS-1 once rumored as another version of HR-V and Vezel?